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Sarah Palin Not Running For President

5 Oct

It was a decision expected by most people but yet still unexpected. Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin has decided, after months of buzz and speculation, not to run for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.

The news first broke on the radio show of conservative commentator Mark Levin. Here’s the full-text of her letter to supporters:

October 5, 2011

Wasilla, Alaska

After much prayer and serious consideration, I have decided that I will not be seeking the 2012 GOP nomination for President of the United States. As always, my family comes first and obviously Todd and I put great consideration into family life before making this decision. When we serve, we devote ourselves to God, family and country. My decision maintains this order.

My decision is based upon a review of what common sense Conservatives and Independents have accomplished, especially over the last year. I believe that at this time I can be more effective in a decisive role to help elect other true public servants to office – from the nation’s governors to Congressional seats and the Presidency. We need to continue to actively and aggressively help those who will stop the “fundamental transformation” of our nation and instead seek the restoration of our greatness, our goodness and our constitutional republic based on the rule of law.

From the bottom of my heart I thank those who have supported me and defended my record throughout the years, and encouraged me to run for President. Know that by working together we can bring this country back – and as I’ve always said, one doesn’t need a title to help do it.

I will continue driving the discussion for freedom and free markets, including in the race for President where our candidates must embrace immediate action toward energy independence through domestic resource developments of conventional energy sources, along with renewables. We must reduce tax burdens and onerous regulations that kill American industry, and our candidates must always push to minimize government to strengthen the economy and allow the private sector to create jobs.

Those will be our priorities so Americans can be confident that a smaller, smarter government that is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people can better serve this most exceptional nation.

In the coming weeks I will help coordinate strategies to assist in replacing the President, re-taking the Senate, and maintaining the House.

Thank you again for all your support. Let’s unite to restore this country!

God bless America.

– Sarah Palin

Palin’s decision comes on the same day that Fox News chief Roger Ailes admitted to hiring her as a commentator because she is “hot and got ratings.” Back in September, 74 percent of conservatives said they hoped Palin would not run for the GOP nomination.

Sarah Palin Runs Unannounced Half Marathon

6 Sep

Sarah Palin Marathon

Yes, Sarah Palin is running. Actually, it doesn’t appear she ever stopped. The former governor of Alaska and perennial potential presidential candidate made a rare unannounced stop when she ran in the “Jump Right in and Run” half marathon in Storm Lake, Iowa.

Palin finished second best in her age group with a time of 1:46:10 in the race, which was organized by the Storm Lake Running Club. She ran under her maiden name of Heath and listed her hometown as Des Moines, Iowa.

Greta Van Susteren was the first person to post a picture of Palin running. The Storm Lake Running Club later confirmed that Palin ran in the event and Palin thanked Storm Lake in a tweet.

Sarah Palin’s Gotcha Question About Paul Revere?

8 Jun

By now, most of America has heard Sarah Palin’s quip about Paul Revere’s ride. Many more have seen Stephen Colbert attempt to renact the ride as Palin described it. The former half-term governor of Alaska defended herself on Fox News Sunday by saying her version of history was correct and “I know my American history.”

She also accused the “lamestream media” of asking another “shout-out, gotcha-type of question” to her. Few outlets have reported what that question was. Here it is. Pretty hard hitting. As she was in a bakery in the north end of Boston, a reporter asked:

“What have you seen so far today and what are you going to take away from your visit?”

That’s almost as bad as “what newspapers do you read?” Shameful, lamestream media people.

Errors in Sarah Palin’s Description of Paul Revere

5 Jun

Famed half-term governor of Alaska Sarah Palin was in Boston earlier this week and decided to offer everyone a history lesson on Paul Revere. Here’s a transcript of her comments.

He who warned, uh, the … the British that they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms, uh, by ringin’ those bells and, um, by makin’ sure that as he’s ridin’ his horse through town to send those warnin’ shots and bells that, uh, we were gonna be secure and we were gonna be free … and we were gonna be armed.

Among the problems with her account:

  1. We were all British then: There was no difference between the people Revere warned and the British troops, at least in the way Palin described it. We were all British and considered under the reign of the King of England.
  2. There were no second amendment rights: Palin seems to suggest that the troops wanted to take away some right of the Americans to bear arms. Well, there were no protections like that.
  3. Revere fired no shots during his ride: The point of his midnight ride (which he did with around 40 other people, by the way) was to move silently through the area because there were so many British soliders around. He certainly didn’t fire any guns and also never shouted, “The British are coming! The British are coming!” as has been popularly reported.,
  4. Lanterns, not bells, were how the message was communicated: Remember, the point of the ride was not to raise the alarm. Silence was key. Lanterns were the method of choice to communicate. Much quieter than trees.
Those are just the most obvious problems with Palin’s statement. She has gone on to say, “I didn’t mess up” with her account of the ride. Normally, I agree that talking about this woman is losing precious seconds of our lives that we can’t get back, but this error is so egregious it needs to be corrected.
God, she is stupid. Who would ever vote for her?