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Sarah Palin’s Gotcha Question About Paul Revere?

8 Jun

By now, most of America has heard Sarah Palin’s quip about Paul Revere’s ride. Many more have seen Stephen Colbert attempt to renact the ride as Palin described it. The former half-term governor of Alaska defended herself on Fox News Sunday by saying her version of history was correct and “I know my American history.”

She also accused the “lamestream media” of asking another “shout-out, gotcha-type of question” to her. Few outlets have reported what that question was. Here it is. Pretty hard hitting. As she was in a bakery in the north end of Boston, a reporter asked:

“What have you seen so far today and what are you going to take away from your visit?”

That’s almost as bad as “what newspapers do you read?” Shameful, lamestream media people.

New York Times Paywall Goes Up March 28

17 Mar

It’s here. After months of hearing about it, The New York Times will finally implement its paywall starting March 28. Consumers will have to pay $15 a month for unlimited access to all of the site’s content. A certain amount of content remains free, though. Readers get the first 20 articles of the month for free, and much of the content on the front page will be available without cost as well.

As many of us who read The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times know, there are ways to duck the system. Users can search for the articles by Google or Bing and find the full text versions easily available. The Times knows that too, and will limit the number of articles you can access by Google to 5 per day.

Just several years ago, many claimed consumers would never pay for online news content. Journalists hoped that online advertising would increase quickly enough to make up for gaps being formed by decreasing print sales. Unfortunately, they did not and print media companies must look for new sources of revenue.

This move should be seen as necessary and ultimately fair. Most of us don’t read more than 20 articles per month (certainly not more than 5 per day). Those of us that do should pay up.

That being said, the Business Insider already has a guide to getting around the paywall.

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