Articles I’ve Written

For the last several months, starting in 2/2011, I’ve split my time between two wonderful publications. I work as an editorial assistant at the Seattle Business Magazine, writing stories that focus on local economic issues and startup companies. Stay tuned as I add more stories from the magazine, as they’re published. Additionally, I work as a category editor for Foodista, an exciting new startup that focuses on food and cooking. My posts look at daily food news, and report on both serious and light-hearted issues as well. Enjoy, and feel free to leave me any comments you may have.

Life Changing Ballpark Innovation” (4/4/2011) (Foodista)

Hip Hop Chef Roble Ali Gets Show” (4/4/2011) (Foodista)

Sad Situation For Jamie Oliver” (4/4/2011) (Foodista)

New Female Chef Award Announced” (4/4/2011) (Foodista)

Mario Batali Further Expands Empire” (4/4/2011) (Foodista)

Sales of Windows Phone Slip, Ballmer’s Ratings Drop” (4/4/2011) (Seattle Business Magazine)

Chinese Cows Can Produce Human Milk” (4/3/2011) (Foodista)

Karl Lagerfeld Makes Diet Coke Bottles” (4/3/2011) (Foodista)

Obama Holds Expensive Dinner at Red Rooster” (4/2/2011) (Foodista)

How Much Do Americans Spend on Food?” (4/2/2011) (Foodista)

Cooking With Snoop Dogg” (3/31/2011) (Foodista)

Amazon Launches cloud-based Storage System” (3/30/2011) (Seattle Business Magazine)

5 Actors Who Love Cooking” (3/30/2011) (Foodista)

RealNetworks’ CEO Receives $2 million Severance” (3/30/2011) (Seattle Business Magazine)

Global Marketing Chief to Leave Microsoft” (3/30/2011) (Seattle Business Magazine)

Parents Protest Girl With Peanut Allergy” (3/29/2011) (Foodista)

Chef Ina Garten Responds to Criticism” (3/28/2011) (Foodista)

5 Especially Exotic Fruits” (3/28/2011) (Foodista)

Harry and David Files For Bankruptcy” (3/28/2011) (Foodista)

Nude PETA Shower Protest Causes Car Crash” (3/27/2011) (Foodista)

Extremely Unusual Place to Buy Beer” (3/27/2011) (Foodista)

5 Weird Ice Cream Flavors” (3/26/2011) (Foodista)

Nation’s Fastest Growing Food Product” (3/26/2011) (Foodista)

Food Manufacturers Will Remove 4 Billion Pounds of Packaging” (3/25/2011) (Foodista)

5 Noteworthy Food Lawsuits” (3/25/2011) (Foodista)

World’s 10 Fattest Places” (3/24/2011) (Foodista)

The Next Junk Food Craze” (3/24/2011) (Foodista)

5 Most Unusual Diets” (3/23/2011) (Foodista)

Latest on Food Crisis in Japan” (3/23/2011) (Foodista)

ConAgra Launches Campaign to Fight Child Hunger” (3/22/2011) (Foodista)

2 Harmless Sounding But Highly Alcoholic Drinks” (3/22/2011) (Foodista)

2 Morally Questionable Foods to Eat” (3/22/2011) (Foodista)

Nationwide Bake Sale to Help Japan” (3/21/2011) (Foodista)

2 Transportation Fights Involving Food” (3/21/2011) (Foodista)

2 Restaurant Signs Spark Controversy” (3/20/2011) (Foodista)

Pepsi Unveils First Green Soda Bottle” (3/20/2011) (Foodista)

5 Truly Bizarre Restaurant Locations” (3/19/2011) (Foodista)

Eating Meat Over the Last Century” (3/19/2011) (Foodista)

Microsoft Helps Take Down Notorious Spammer” (3/18/2011) (Seattle Business Magazine)

4 Fascinating Stories About Eating Out” (3/18/2011) (Foodista)

Science Shows These Foods Rock” (3/18/2011) (Foodista)

America Now Number 1 in Wine Consumption” (3/17/2011) (Foodista)

White House Garden Lands Book Deal” (3/17/2011) (Foodista)

Pretty Blatant Rip Off” (3/16/2011) (Foodista)

Dinner and a PC” (3/16/2011) (Foodista)

2 Extremely Exclusive Restaurant Tables” (3/15/2011) (Foodista)

Microsoft Abandons Zune Hardware” (3/14/2011) (Seattle Business Magazine)

Japan Deals With Food Shortages” (3/14/2011) (Foodista)

Epic Food Lovers’ Cruise” (3/14/2011) (Foodista)

2 Baffling Diet Decisions” (3/12/2011) (Foodista)

5 Even Weirder Restaurants” (3/12/2011) (Foodista)

Thirsty Thursday and Leftover Wine” (3/10/2011) (Foodista)

Update on Gaga Breast Milk Ice Cream” (3/10/2011) (Foodista)

Food Shortages Throughout the World” (3/9/2011) (Foodista)

An Artisanal Soda Trade Grows in Brooklyn” (3/9/2011) (Foodista)

History of Vegemite” (3/8/2011) (Foodista)

6 Surprising Facts About Starbucks” (3/8/2011) (Foodista)

TechFlash Founders Leave to Launch GeekWire” (03/07/2011) (Seattle Business Magazine)

Shark Fin Debate Heats Up” (3/7/2011) (Foodista)

Julie and Julia Every Single Day” (3/6/2011) (Foodista)

5 Examples of Real Food Terrorism” (3/5/2011) (Foodista)

Extremely Specific Niche Food Blogs” (3/5/2011) (Foodista)

Celebrity Chef News Roundup” (3/4/2011) (Foodista)

Mistakes Made in Bestowing Culinary Honors” (3/4/2011) (Foodista)

Thirsty Thursday Looks At Climate Change” (3/3/2011) (Foodista)

State Adds 11,000 Jobs in January” (3/2/2011) (Seattle Business Magazine)

6 Awe Inspiring Food Challenges” (3/2/2011) (Foodista)

5 More Truly Weird Restaurants” (3/2/2011) (Foodista)

3 Shocking Stories in Food News” (3/1/2011) (Foodista)

Red Meat Linked to Bowel Cancer” (3/1/2011) (Foodista)

Strangest Ice Cream Flavor Ever” (2/28/2011) (Foodista)

Eating Dog Food for a Month” (2/28/2011) (Foodista)

5 Weird Soda Flavors” (2/28/2011) (Foodista)

Canlis Brothers Unveil New Marketing Campaign” (2/26/2011) (Foodista)

Club Music Makes Great Eggs” (2/25/2011) (Foodista)

Thirsty Thursday Spotlights Beers For the Gay Community” (2/24/2011) (Foodista)

Christchurch Earthquake Spares Local Vineyards” (2/24/2011) (Foodista)

Nathan Myhrvold’s Revolutionary Cookbook” (2/24/2011) (Foodista)

Infinity Chili Creates New Definition of Spicy” (2/23/2011) (Foodista)

5 Truly Weird Restaurants” (2/23/2011) (Foodista)

Do Not Buy Celebrity Coffees” (2/22/2011) (Foodista)

“Inside Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations” (2/22/2011) (Foodista)

Rooster Comb Could Become Food Ingredient” (2/21/2011) (Foodista)

Deep Mexican Freeze Affects US Supplies” (2/21/2011) (Foodista)

Global Food Prices Skyrocket” (2/19/2011) (Foodista)

Nordstrom Plunges Into Daily Deal Market with HauteLook Acquisition” (2/18/2011) (Seattle Business Magazine)

Ziploc Introduces Bag Recycling Program” (2/18/2011) (Foodista)

Thirsty Thursday! Counterfeit Wine” (2/17/2011) (Foodista)

Redmond Laser Tech Company Trims Workforce” (2/16/2011) (Seattle Business Magazine)

4 Types of Salt to Try” (2/16/2011) (Foodista)

Afghanis Fight Over ‘Kennedy Fried Chicken’ in New York” (2/15/2011) (Foodista)

Devoted to Healthier Food in Schools, FoodCorps Launches” (2/15/2011) (Foodista)

RealNetworks Trims Workforce by 130” (02/14/2011) (Seattle Business Magazine)

Will Nokia Help Put the Windows Smartphone in the Game?” (02/14/2011) (Seattle Business Magazine)

3 Beers You’ll Probably Never Drink” (2/14/2011) (Foodista)

Finnish Activists Kidnap Ronald McDonald” (2/14/2011) (Foodista)

Mark Bittman Unveils Bold ‘Food Manifesto‘” (2/11/2011) (Foodista)

Truth Behind the Oyster Extinction” (2/10/2011) (Foodista)

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