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A Note About Seattle Weather

4 Sep

Let’s face it; Seattle gets a really bad rap when it comes to weather. People think it’s always rainy, misty and miserable here. Now, admittedly it does rain an average of 150 days a year and the city is partially covered by clouds on 201 days on average.

With that said, it is not always rainy and miserable here. Oh, contraire. I’ve been back here for three weeks and it has rained a grand total of once. It has been cloudy once. The other days it has been 75 and sunny. Here’s an example of the daily weather:

So while the rest of the country, from Texas to Chicago, has been languishing in temperatures over 100, we’ve been enjoying 75 and sunny. Every single day.

Check out this amazing weather for the Dave Matthews Band Caravan at the Gorge.

 Just saying don’t get the wrong impression from the Oatmeal. It’s not always rainy in Seattle.

Hilliard’s Newest Washington Brewery

20 Aug

I first read about a new brewery opening in Ballard yesterday in Seattle Met magazine. When I was in the neighborhood today, I decided to check out the location and see what was up.

Slated for a September release, Hilliard’s is the name of the latest brewery to open in Washington. With the opening (and a couple of other recent ones) the state now boasts more than 150 breweries open for business. Pretty incredible.

Hilliard’s is in the more industrial section of Ballard. It’s located right around the corner from NW Peaks Brewery, a company I wrote about for the Seattle Business Magazine.

According to the Met, the brewery plans to offer “a hoppy, American-style amber and a saison farmhouse ale” as their first two brews. They plan to bottle almost exclusively in aluminum cans, still a bit of an oddity in the market.

Welcome to Ballard! Can’t wait to stop in.


7 May

Right now, I am working as an editorial assistant for the Seattle Business Magazine. I write articles (stayed tuned, many exciting ones to come!) and the May edition of the magazine has two in it.

One of those articles talks about a growing trend in the beer industry. Nanobreweries make less than 1000 barrels of beer a year, which allows them to create special flavor profiles and try lots of different styles. In my article, I look at three up-and-coming nanobreweries in the Seattle area: Foggy Noggin’ Brewing, NW Peaks Brewery and Epic Ales. I also mention two breweries that have graduated and become microbreweries after starting as nanos: Schooner Exact Brewing and Two Beers Brewery. Here’s the first paragraph of the article.

“The renaissance sweeping the food world—you know, the shunning of large-scale, industrialized, global brands in favor of hyperlocal, small-scale, artisanal products—has claimed another beachhead in the “smaller is better” assault: beer.”

Read the full story here.

I’m also pretty pumped to get some recognition from the Seattle Beer News and Eater Seattle.

REVIEW: Marination Station

26 Apr

One of the most hotly anticipated restaurant to open in Seattle actually stems from a food truck. The Marination Mobile truck (“Big Blue” to fans) was voted America’s Best Food Truck by Good Morning America. The truck combines both Hawaiian and Korean flavors in the form of tacos, quesadillas and sliders, among others. It notifies customers by Twitter where it will park on a given day. Since its founding in 2009, business has taken off with lines of hungry lunch customers often stretching around the block.

Business was so good, in fact, that the truck was no longer enough. Owners Kamala and Roz opted to take their mobile business to a brick and mortar establishment. The result is Marination Station, which opened last week above QFC on Broadway in Capitol Hill.

The resulting space is cozy, with little seating. I ventured in before the lunch hour rush, but can only imagine what the space feels like when dozens of hungry people stream inside. Menus are on paper, allowing for easy passing between hungry customers while waiting in line. Perhaps the coolest part of the whole place are the two refrigerators in the space where people wait, which feature compliments of Marination Mobile from fans on Twitter and Facebook. Talk about 21st century communication!

For lunch, I opted for a kimchi quesadilla. Lots of kimchi, kalua pork, cilantro and other goodness. Served warm and absolutely delicious. My vote is you should all go to Marination Station as soon as possible. I didn’t even mention the fact that 50 Cent was the featured music while I waited for my food.

Amazing News Clips You Should Watch

19 Apr

This past couple of days has given some great clips from TV. Here are four of my favorite. You should take some time and watch them.

1) Fault Lines: Fast Food, Fat Profits (Al Jazeera): You probably don’t think of Al Jazeera first when you think of great news documentaries, but maybe you should. This short 20-minute documentary talks to all players in the food wars, and does a great job of explaining the problem briefly.

2) Paul Allen on Gates, Microsoft (60 Minutes): The co-founder of Microsoft has a new book out called Idea Man that offers an inside look into the founding of the world’s most important tech company. Allen seems to have an ax to grind, but you can make up your own mind. He rarely does interviews so this is a rare look.

3) China’s Ghost Cities (Dateline Australia): This short clip looks at the property bubble that’s forming in China and how many of their cities lie unoccupied. It raises bigger questions, like how long can China sustain its current rate of growth? Fascinating perspective from all sorts of people.

4) Three Cups of Tea Controversy (60 Minutes): One of the more inspiring tales of charity work in the past couple of decades may be a hoax. Greg Mortenson says that when he descended from K2 (the second highest mountain in the world), people in a small town nursed him back to health. In response, he promised to build them a school. A successful book and charity followed. It may all be false though. Incredible report and brilliant reporting.