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If These Two Videos Don’t Make You Cry, You Have No Heart

8 May

Two beautiful videos tonight. They should make you well up with emotion because they are that poignant.

1) Welcome Home Solider: A young man serving his country in Kuwait surprises his father-in-law with a surprise visit. The bulky, grown man is overcome with emotion.

2) Kids With Cancer: The children at Seattle Children’s Hospital make an inspirational video against cancer. It’s set to Kelly Clarkson’s anthem “Stronger.” Whatever you think is going wrong in your life, keep it in perspective. These kids, battling one of the hardest things a person can battle, are staying strong through love and courage. That’s an inspiration to us all.

Nobody at Microsoft Store Opening Cares About Microsoft

20 Oct

So this is the type of thing you can get away with when you’re an incredibly wealthy corporation. Microsoft opened a store today right across from an Apple Store at the University Village shopping center in Seattle. It looks a lot like an Apple Store.

This opening is happening right in their own backyard, after all Microsoft is based just across Lake Washington from Seattle. I’m sure Microsoft wanted a great turnout. Perhaps coincidentally, the company also decided to offer a Black Keys concert and a OneRepublic concert the very next day— for free. What’s the catch? You have to be one of the first people in line to score your two free tickets to one of the shows.

Lines for the opening started forming the night before. Some people waited overnight for the grand opening. The Microsoft promotion worked like a charm. There were tons of people waiting in line for the store to open. Then, reporter David “Goldy” Goldstein from The Stranger asked them what Microsoft product they were most excited to buy.

Can you guess what they answered? Is this a brilliant promotional move by Microsoft or an epic fail because no one cares about their actual products?

Seattle Superhero Phoenix Jones Arrested

12 Oct

Self-described “Guardian of Seattle” and real-life “superhero” Phoenix Jones was arrested and charged with assault after he pepper sprayed a group of people outside of a nightclub this past weekend.

A group of men and women left a nightclub and were “dancing and having a good time” when Jones burst onto the scene and pepper sprayed them. According to a police report, a woman approached police officers around 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning and claimed “she and some of her friends had just been attacked and pepper sprayed by a male in a ‘Spider-Man costume.”

“In this particular case, he perceived that this group was fighting and when we contacted them, they said they weren’t fighting,” said Det. Mark Jamieson, a Seattle Police Department public information officer. “Unfortunately, he used force. He committed a crime, an assault against these individuals. That’s against the law.”


Jones is a member of the “Rain City Superhero Movement,” a group of people who patrol the streets aiming to stop crimes. Following his arrest, the Smoking Gun exposed his real name, Benjamin John Francis Fodor, 23.  Jones could face up to year in jail if convicted.

Video of the incident was posted to Publicola.

Pretty Rainbow of Peppers

10 Oct

From the Ballard Farmer’s Market.

Amanda Knox Acquitted of Meredith Kercher Murder

3 Oct

Update 4: Apparently, Knox’s passport is OK and she will depart for Seattle on Tuesday morning. She has been released from prison and will spend the night with family in the Rome area. Must be a really strange time for her.

Update 3: The Telegraph reports that Knox’s American passport expired while she was in prison. Will she still be allowed to fly home immediately?

Update 2: Check out some of the local reactions from Seattle here.

Update: Unlike the 2009 trial, no airplane ticket home was pre-purchased for Knox. Rumors the family had scheduled a private jet to be available to take her away are also apparently untrue. It’s unclear how the family plans to leave the country, but the State Department will likely help.

A group of six jurors and two judges acquitted American college student Amanda Knox and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito of the murder of British exchange student Meredith Kercher in 2007.

Knox will go back to the prison, undergo processing but will then be released immediately. Her parents plan to put her in a car and head to an airport. Her lawyer said the family plans to get her out of the country “as soon as possible.”

“We’re thankful Amanda’s nightmare is over,” Deanna Knox, Amanda’s sister, said. “We’re thankful for the support we have received from all over the world.”

The panel deliberated for more than 11 hours before returning their verdict at 9:45 p.m. tonight in the small Italian city of Perugia. Media from around the world gathered for the verdict, with reports of more than 400 organizations gathered outside the courtroom.

Both Knox and Sollecito had their convictions of slander upheld, but they were given credit for time served.