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A Note About Seattle Weather

4 Sep

Let’s face it; Seattle gets a really bad rap when it comes to weather. People think it’s always rainy, misty and miserable here. Now, admittedly it does rain an average of 150 days a year and the city is partially covered by clouds on 201 days on average.

With that said, it is not always rainy and miserable here. Oh, contraire. I’ve been back here for three weeks and it has rained a grand total of once. It has been cloudy once. The other days it has been 75 and sunny. Here’s an example of the daily weather:

So while the rest of the country, from Texas to Chicago, has been languishing in temperatures over 100, we’ve been enjoying 75 and sunny. Every single day.

Check out this amazing weather for the Dave Matthews Band Caravan at the Gorge.

 Just saying don’t get the wrong impression from the Oatmeal. It’s not always rainy in Seattle.

Tucker Barnes Gives Grossest Hurricane Irene Weather Report

28 Aug

Poor Tucker Barnes. The WTTG reporter was on Hurricane Irene watch yesterday evening and was forced to give a live report as he was being covered with a mysterious, gross-looking foam.

Apparently this foam stuff is “highly unusual,” consists of some “organic matter” and “doesn’t taste great.” Yuck! Hope he didn’t consume too much of it.

What is this stuff? Well, apparently it likely comes from raw sewage that seeped into the water during the hurricane. It consists of toxic mix of pollution and cyanobacteria.

Barnes also added that the foam “doesn’t smell great.” He did several reports surrounded by the foam. Hopefully he gets a bonus for this gross reporting.