7 May

Right now, I am working as an editorial assistant for the Seattle Business Magazine. I write articles (stayed tuned, many exciting ones to come!) and the May edition of the magazine has two in it.

One of those articles talks about a growing trend in the beer industry. Nanobreweries make less than 1000 barrels of beer a year, which allows them to create special flavor profiles and try lots of different styles. In my article, I look at three up-and-coming nanobreweries in the Seattle area: Foggy Noggin’ Brewing, NW Peaks Brewery and Epic Ales. I also mention two breweries that have graduated and become microbreweries after starting as nanos: Schooner Exact Brewing and Two Beers Brewery. Here’s the first paragraph of the article.

“The renaissance sweeping the food world—you know, the shunning of large-scale, industrialized, global brands in favor of hyperlocal, small-scale, artisanal products—has claimed another beachhead in the “smaller is better” assault: beer.”

Read the full story here.

I’m also pretty pumped to get some recognition from the Seattle Beer News and Eater Seattle.

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