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Australia Is Still Horribly Racist

18 Apr

Two high-profile incidents on Australian subways show the country continues to deal with deep racial tensions.

1) This incident was blamed on drunkeness, but it’s still deeply disturbing.

2) In this incident, a female governmental employee refuses to give up her seat and turns it into a racist hate attack.

Dan Adler: Weirdest Congressional Candidate Ever?

14 May

Dan Adler for Congress

The 36th district of California needs a new representative in Congress. Long-time representative Jane Harman retired from Congress about two months ago to accept a new position at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Well, that set up a special election to fill her seat which is probably one of the weirdest races I’ve ever seen.

First, under a new California law, all candidates will participate in the primary on May 17th. The top 2 finishers, regardless of party affiliation, will advance to the general election. Most experts believe a Democrat will represent the district so the primary will likely determine which two Democrats the people of the 36th will have to choose between.

Enter Dan Adler. He comes from a non-political background, but has been active in many area non-profits. He also worked as a senior executive at Disney. So far, so normal. His father survived Auschwitz and his campaign manager is Sean Astin (you know, “Mr. Frodo,” from Lord of the Rings). Even that is normal compared to these campaign ads though.

So, this ad, named “Stick Together,” has gained international attention. It’s vaguely racist and just weird, which obviously draws everyone to it and made it go viral. Pretty slick marketing, if that was by design. The ad begins with an Asian man saying that Asian people are 15 percent of the population in the distict. Jump to a laundromat and a Korean woman with a heavy accent. Adler says many people in the district have issues, at which point the woman randomly jumps in and says “I’m Korean” for no conceivable reason. Adler then has the most awkward laugh ever to emerge from a politician’s mouth.  The woman than says, “You’re Jewish. We minorities must stick together.” Then, the ad closes with a crowd people saying “send a mensch to Congress.” Weird.

Another weird ad comes from actress Patty Duke. She appears on the legendary muscle beach to let everyone know that Adler “gets shit done.” Man in bikinis, what else could you want? Adler looks really weird flexing his muscles in a suit and helping Duke lift the weights. (Other celebrity fans include Macy Gray.)

Then, there’s this ad with Adler’s son. He plays basketball and proudly proclaims that his dad “gets shit done.” Nice slogan, young man.

Dumbest Person in the World (UPDATE)

14 Mar

Update: Yes, you asked for a dance remix. I heard you. Here it is.

So this UCLA student was obviously having a bad day. She did what any of us would have done. She found a friend to tell about her problems. What’s different from you and me is that this young woman decided that friend was a computer, and she posted her ignorant, racist rant on the Internet.

Lots of things to note. First of all, if you’re her friend and you’re Asian, good news! She wasn’t talking about you. Next, she obviously studies so much that she has “epiphanies” on a regular basis. That’s why it’s so annoying when people talk on their phones in the library. Also, it’s not cool if anyone talks on their phone in the library, but it’s especially not cool if you’re saying “Ching Chong Ling Long Ding Dong.” Duh, like, wow. And then she throws in the part about the tsunami. How dumb can you get?

Another UCLA student has probably the best response. It’s pretty awesome:

PS: Apparently, this girl’s name is Alexandra Wallace. She was a model.