Dumbest Person in the World (UPDATE)

14 Mar

Update: Yes, you asked for a dance remix. I heard you. Here it is.

So this UCLA student was obviously having a bad day. She did what any of us would have done. She found a friend to tell about her problems. What’s different from you and me is that this young woman decided that friend was a computer, and she posted her ignorant, racist rant on the Internet.

Lots of things to note. First of all, if you’re her friend and you’re Asian, good news! She wasn’t talking about you. Next, she obviously studies so much that she has “epiphanies” on a regular basis. That’s why it’s so annoying when people talk on their phones in the library. Also, it’s not cool if anyone talks on their phone in the library, but it’s especially not cool if you’re saying “Ching Chong Ling Long Ding Dong.” Duh, like, wow. And then she throws in the part about the tsunami. How dumb can you get?

Another UCLA student has probably the best response. It’s pretty awesome:

PS: Apparently, this girl’s name is Alexandra Wallace. She was a model.

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