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One Picture Shows Why America is Fat

30 May

An eagle-eyed Reddit user posted this picture earlier this week. It shows Mountain Dew A.M., a new beverage choice consisting of half Mountain Dew and half orange juice. Thankfully, it’s only served until 11 a.m. Coming soon to a Taco Bell by you!

Cause otherwise that would be disgusting.

I wish this was a joke, but a company spokesman confirmed the rollout in Southern California to Fox News. “”Our customers love Mountain Dew and it’s one of our most popular beverages, so we are testing Mtn Dew AM in Fresno and Southern California as the latest innovation to our FirstMeal Menu.  We’re pleased with the initial reaction from our customers, and if it does well, we’ll roll it out to all our restaurants that serve breakfast,” Rob Poetsch, Taco Bell spokesman, said in an email.

More than 32 percent of Americans could be obese by 2030, with 11 percent severely obese (more than 100 pounds over a healthy weight).

Thankfully, we still have the freedom to drink what we want.

Unbelievable Great White Shark Photo in La Jolla, California

3 Sep

For the third time in a couple of weeks, surfers on the beaches of La Jolla, California reported seeing the dorsal fin of a great white shark.

This time, though, there is a picture of the shark. Gary Elliot took the picture, but did not see the dorsal fin until he took his pictures home and uploaded them.

What’s most amazing about the image, though, is the number of surfers located around the shark. Take a look at this larger view.

None of them reported seeing the animal. The lifeguards in the area claim the image shows a surfer getting ready to ride a wave. They say the beaches will not close unless there is an attack.

Dan Adler: Weirdest Congressional Candidate Ever?

14 May

Dan Adler for Congress

The 36th district of California needs a new representative in Congress. Long-time representative Jane Harman retired from Congress about two months ago to accept a new position at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Well, that set up a special election to fill her seat which is probably one of the weirdest races I’ve ever seen.

First, under a new California law, all candidates will participate in the primary on May 17th. The top 2 finishers, regardless of party affiliation, will advance to the general election. Most experts believe a Democrat will represent the district so the primary will likely determine which two Democrats the people of the 36th will have to choose between.

Enter Dan Adler. He comes from a non-political background, but has been active in many area non-profits. He also worked as a senior executive at Disney. So far, so normal. His father survived Auschwitz and his campaign manager is Sean Astin (you know, “Mr. Frodo,” from Lord of the Rings). Even that is normal compared to these campaign ads though.

So, this ad, named “Stick Together,” has gained international attention. It’s vaguely racist and just weird, which obviously draws everyone to it and made it go viral. Pretty slick marketing, if that was by design. The ad begins with an Asian man saying that Asian people are 15 percent of the population in the distict. Jump to a laundromat and a Korean woman with a heavy accent. Adler says many people in the district have issues, at which point the woman randomly jumps in and says “I’m Korean” for no conceivable reason. Adler then has the most awkward laugh ever to emerge from a politician’s mouth.  The woman than says, “You’re Jewish. We minorities must stick together.” Then, the ad closes with a crowd people saying “send a mensch to Congress.” Weird.

Another weird ad comes from actress Patty Duke. She appears on the legendary muscle beach to let everyone know that Adler “gets shit done.” Man in bikinis, what else could you want? Adler looks really weird flexing his muscles in a suit and helping Duke lift the weights. (Other celebrity fans include Macy Gray.)

Then, there’s this ad with Adler’s son. He plays basketball and proudly proclaims that his dad “gets shit done.” Nice slogan, young man.