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Living Social’s Amazing Red Cross Deal

20 Mar

This is a really good way to donate to Japan relief efforts. And really simple. Daily deals site Living Social currently has a deal to the Red Cross that will only last for a couple more hours. For every $5 that you donate, they’ll match your donation. So far, more than $1 million dollars have been donated by users, meaning that Living Social will donate more than $2 million.

Come on, what are you waiting for? Japan really needs your help.

Red Cross

Nuclear Crisis in Japan Explained by Pooping Boy

17 Mar

Terrifying imagination of Japan’s nuclear crisis. This was designed for children. Keep that in mind. Lots of poop and farts.

Japan’s Nuclear Crisis Clearly Explained

17 Mar

Fukushima Power Plant

Over the past couple of days, the situation has continued to deteriorate at the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant in Japan. The situation remains extremely fluid. With that said, few media outlets have actually explained what occurred in the power plant to cause the disaster. Japan’s NHK offers a thoughtful, and clear, explanation.

Videos and Pictures of Japan Disaster (UPDATED)

12 Mar

The whole world’s hearts are heavy today for the people of Japan who endured one of the strongest natural disasters ever March11-12. The earthquake measured 8.9 on the Richter scale, which is the largest quake to hit that region in 1200 years. A NASA scientist determined the quake will actually speed the earth’s rotation by 1.6 microseconds. Close to 10,000 people are reported missing in one northern town in the path of the tsunami that struck shortly after the quake. One person was killed in California after being swept into the ocean while filming the tsunami there.

Update 3/13: Incredible video has emerged of the destruction in Iwaki City. The landscape appears to be completely devastated with few signs of life.

A sea of car emerges from the ruins of the tsunami. (via National Geographic)

Dramatic video as the tsunami arrives and begins devastating the area. Not clear where this was filmed.

This person seems to have been relatively close to the ground when the tsunami arrived. Just horrifying.

The New York Times has a detailed look at several cities in Northeastern Japan before and after the earthquake.

The town of Minamisanriku may have lost more than 10,000 people in tsunami, some reports suggest. The BBC brings shocking video of the town before and after the quake.

A sea of damage from Kamaishi. (via)

Smoke and damage in Natori city, which is located close to the quake’s epicenter. (via)

Originally posted 3/12: This map shows the energy created by the quake:

This is perhaps the most shocking of all the videos. It comes from inside the Sendai airport as the tsunami waves rush by. Horrifying to see.

A wave of water swarms around the Sendai airport.

In these images, we see the moment the tsunami comes ashore.

Cars and houses are thrown aside as the huge wave makes its way ashore.

Here, a helicopter circles above as the tsunami comes ashore, taking out everything in its path.

Absolute devastation in Kesennuma shortly after the tsunamis arrived.

This video was shot in Sendai, right by the center of the quake. It’s horrifying and watch as a woman is almost hit with a TV close to her desk. The people in it seem paralyzed, and many remain standing inexplicably.

This picture shows the damage caused to a road and house in Sukagawa City, close to the epicenter of the quake.

Filmed in Tokyo, this video shows the moment the quake struck from a supermarket. What I find so alarming is that the employees actually go to shelves and try to save a few items from toppling. In doing so, they placed themselves at risk of being struck with falling items.

This video comes from the city of Miyako, which is close to the epicenter of the quake. It shows buildings ripped from their foundations and water pouring through the town.

Thousands of people were stranded in Tokyo’s Disneyland where parts of the parking lot liquified and prevented guests from leaving.

If you would like to help, please see here for a list of organizations that would welcome your donations.

2 Unbelievably Stupid Tweets

11 Mar

The power of social media allows us to share information quickly and share news with one another. Twitter is a large part of that sharing process. At the same time, allowing us to post information instantaneously often removes a critical period of evaluation that used to exist before publishing something. That’s a lesson two people have learned the hard way.

1) State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley: In this case, Crowley somehow thought this tweet made sense. It reads, “We’ve been watching hopeful #tsunami sweep across #MiddleEast. Now seeing a tsunami of a different kind sweep across Japan.” So, he compared the volatile situation in Middle East to the 8.9 earthquake that could have killed thousands of people in Japan. Just stupid. But apparently saying stupid things is nothing new to Crowley.

2) Unnamed ex-employee of Marketing Firm: An employee with access to the Chrysler official Twitter feed accidentally posted something to that account instead of his personal one.

Now, this is particularly bad since the company just spent millions on a Super Bowl campaign that touted its people, driving and cars. The marketing employee was promptly fired, but the marketing firm, New Media Strategies, will not have its contract renewed by the car giant at the end of this year. It shows that one erroneous tweet can cost you an important account. All it takes is a second.