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Massive Inland Tsunami on Video

21 May

Not much information about where this came from or why it happened, but a massive explosion rocked this lake and caused a massive tsunami wave to arrive.

Living Social’s Amazing Red Cross Deal

20 Mar

This is a really good way to donate to Japan relief efforts. And really simple. Daily deals site Living Social currently has a deal to the Red Cross that will only last for a couple more hours. For every $5 that you donate, they’ll match your donation. So far, more than $1 million dollars have been donated by users, meaning that Living Social will donate more than $2 million.

Come on, what are you waiting for? Japan really needs your help.

Red Cross

Nuclear Crisis in Japan Explained by Pooping Boy

17 Mar

Terrifying imagination of Japan’s nuclear crisis. This was designed for children. Keep that in mind. Lots of poop and farts.

Japan’s Nuclear Crisis Clearly Explained

17 Mar

Fukushima Power Plant

Over the past couple of days, the situation has continued to deteriorate at the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant in Japan. The situation remains extremely fluid. With that said, few media outlets have actually explained what occurred in the power plant to cause the disaster. Japan’s NHK offers a thoughtful, and clear, explanation.