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Videos and Pictures of Alabama Tornadoes

28 Apr

At least 250 people have died in 6 southern states as a string of vicious tornadoes leveled property and left a swath of destruction in their path. Alabama was the hardest hit of the states with at least 162 confirmed fatalities. Governor Robert Bentley said, “We had a major catastrophic event.”  Tornadoes also caused fatalities in Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia and Kentucky. Each of the states affected has declared a state of emergency.

The tornadoes moved in rapidly and devastated urban areas like Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Residents had little time to flee or prepare for the storms. The National Weather Service said it received reports of 137 tornadoes from the storm. An estimated 1 million people are without power and several hundred people were injured in the storm. A nuclear power plant was shut down in the aftermath of the storm.

Residents produced some absolutely incredible and terrifying videos of the disaster. In this clip, an obviously terrified videographer records as the tornado tears up trees in a nearby parking lot.

Entire neighborhoods were destroyed by the tornadoes.

Here’s video from storm chasers of four different tornadoes that touched down during the storms.

You can see how terrified the newscasters are as they report the storm live. The weatherman is clearly in shock and trying to keep it together.

This photo just captures the sheer size of one of the storms.

In this footage (posted by the AP), you get a real sense of just how wide these storms were.

Look at the sheer size of the storm as it approaches. Also, note that it is right downtown, in a highly populated area.

This video was shot from inside a car during the storms. You can see just how large the storm is and watch as it jumps across the highway.

I have no idea why anyone would be outside when they can see this so close to them.

This photo is perhaps most shocking of them all. The tornado is just tearing about an urban area.

Will update as new images/ videos become available.

Scary New Footage From Japan Disasters

12 Apr

With each coming day it seems like there is a new horrifying video from the Japan disasters. In this case, here’s a new video of the tsunami and new aerial footage of the damage to the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor site (which was just today reclassified as a 7 on the disaster scale, out of a possible 7).

1) Tsunami Footage: This horrifying footage shows villagers fleeing on foot as the wall of water flows into their city. It looks like everyone makes it to the hill, but just barely.

2) Fukushima Damage: New aerial footage shows how devastated the nuclear power plant reamins. These images are particularly shocking because the situation actually seemed to be improving previously.

Unluckiest Honeymoon Encounters Six Natural Disasters

11 Apr

You really must feel for swedish couple Stefan and Erika Svanstrom who have had one heck of an unlucky honeymoon. You see, everywhere they turn, disaster happens. Over the course of their trip, they’ve come across six natural disasters. Those disasters, in order:

1. In December, the newly married couple set off on their four-month long honeymoon. They couldn’t leave though because they were stranded in Munich, in the midst of one of Europe’s worst snowstorms.

2. Their next stop turned out to be in the middle of a cyclone (Cairns). Thankfully, this disaster spared the city, for the most part.

3. They moved on to Brisbane, which saw historic levels of flooding that crippled the Australian state.

4.  Their next encounter was with the troublesome brushfires in Perth. The couple was ecacuated and forced to spend an evening on a concrete floor.

5. After the incident in Perth, the couple opted to move on to New Zealand. Right before they arrived, the 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch.

6. Finally, they moved on to Tokyo, where the 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck about a month ago.

Talk about an unlucky honeymoon. Thankfully, the couple (and their infant daughter) was largely injured and maintained their sense of humor.

“We’ve certainly experienced more than our fair share of catastrophes in a marriage, but the most important thing is that we’re still going strong. I know marriages have to endure some trials, but I think we have been through most of them,” Mr. Svanstrom told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Plane Crashes and Accidents Dominate the News

5 Apr

Now, I recognize that aviation accidents occur far more often then we’d like to admit. Often times, incidents involving small planes do not even make the national news. However, the last two days have yielded no fewer than 5 stories involving plane crashes or accidents. What is going on? Some of these stories you might have heard; others you probably haven’t.

1) Southwest Flight 812: This past weekend, passengers got quite a scare when a flight departing Phoenix for Sacramento developed a five-foot hole in the fuselage during the flight. No one was seriously injured as the flight landed in Yuma, Arizona, but oxygen masks were deployed and passengers described the sound as similar to a “gunshot” at 36,000 feet. Southwest Airlines called the problem a “new and unknown issue” and investigators confirmed that airplanes were not inspected for fatigue in the area where the hole developed because they believed no cracks in the skin could form there. They were obviously quite wrong. Cracks were found in three additional planes and 80 other US planes were grounded for inspection. One passenger snagged quite a few images of the incident (one is below):

Southwest 8122) Air France 447: More than two years after it plunged into the Atlantic Ocean during a routine flight from Rio De Janeiro to Paris, investigators have located a large piece of wreckage of the plane underwater. The discovery included human remains, which France now plans to retrive. Not much is known about what happened to the plane. Investigators surmised that poor weather could have brought it down, but now hope to recover the flight’s data recorders and get some answers.

Air France 447

3) American Airlines 883: The flight left Boston for St. Thomas, but was forced to land at New York’s JFK Airport after some sort of pressurization problem in the cabin. Oh, and the plane went from 36,000 feet to 9,000 feet in a little over a minute. That’s really fast to drop 27,000 feet. No injuries were reported and the passengers later boarded another plane, which took them to their destination.

4) Small Plane on Queens Beach: A 24-year-old pilot landed a small plane, with three people aboard, without permission on a Queens beach after one of his passengers allegedly became violently ill. The plane landed at Rockaway Beach near Beach 56th Street. All three passengers were uninjured in the crash. Update: Actually the pilot, Jason Maloney, sounds like a real jerk.

5) UN Plane Crash: A plane carrying 33 people crashed while landing in the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo during heavy weather. Thirty-two of the people died in the incident. Early reports suggest that the pilot missed the runway as heavy rain fell around the airport in Kinshasa. All but five of the passengers worked with the United Nations, and most of the UN staff worked on peacekeeping operations in the DRC. The plane had been coming from the north-eastern city of Kisangani. Plane crashes are notoriously common in the DRC, where maintenance and safety inspections do not commonly occur.

Plane Crashes