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Scary New Footage From Japan Disasters

12 Apr

With each coming day it seems like there is a new horrifying video from the Japan disasters. In this case, here’s a new video of the tsunami and new aerial footage of the damage to the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor site (which was just today reclassified as a 7 on the disaster scale, out of a possible 7).

1) Tsunami Footage: This horrifying footage shows villagers fleeing on foot as the wall of water flows into their city. It looks like everyone makes it to the hill, but just barely.

2) Fukushima Damage: New aerial footage shows how devastated the nuclear power plant reamins. These images are particularly shocking because the situation actually seemed to be improving previously.

Incredible Pictures From Japan Disaster

25 Mar

The Boston Globe‘s Big Picture and The Daily Mail show some striking pictures from the various disasters in Japan.

First the scenes of devastation from across the country:

The first photographs of the Fukushima 50— those workers who stayed behind to prevent a nuclear meltdown. Of the original 50, five of them have already died.

Survivors have taken up refugee at dozens of makeshift locations across the country.

Finally, look at how quickly this road was repaired. Six days after the quake, it’s ready for use again.