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Unbelievable Great White Shark Photo in La Jolla, California

3 Sep

For the third time in a couple of weeks, surfers on the beaches of La Jolla, California reported seeing the dorsal fin of a great white shark.

This time, though, there is a picture of the shark. Gary Elliot took the picture, but did not see the dorsal fin until he took his pictures home and uploaded them.

What’s most amazing about the image, though, is the number of surfers located around the shark. Take a look at this larger view.

None of them reported seeing the animal. The lifeguards in the area claim the image shows a surfer getting ready to ride a wave. They say the beaches will not close unless there is an attack.

Incredible Photos As Great Whites Devour Whale Carcass

3 Apr

The Daily Mail published some incredible photographs of great white sharks devouring the carcass of a 36ft Brydes whale carcass. Scientists pulled the dead whale into a well-known feeding zone of sharks to capture their feeding patterns. The results were surprising. Though great white sharks are considered vicious, ruthless killers, the scientists documented very different behaviors. They did not see a single attack or fight among the sharks.

The great whites were extremely picky and just feasted on the blubber that would provide them the most energy. They took test bites to see if a particular section of the carcass was good to eat. Scientists noted 30 sharks were stripping the carcass. Authorities believe the whale was killed by a boat and the scientists received permission to move it because authorities feared the body would drift into an area frequented by swimmers.