3 Great International Songs

19 Sep

I’ve gotten hooked on Spotify recently. One of the features I love allows you to surf the most popular songs in various countries across the world. That’s how I stumbled on some of these great songs.

1. Ju Mer Dom Spottar by Kapten Rod: When I first stumbled on this song, I kind of thought it was a joke. I mean, Swedish rap? But apparently I’m wrong. Kapten Rod is a big deal there. I wrote a tweet to the Atlantic saying they should do a story about Swedish rap.

To my surprise, The Atlantic wrote back.

Check out the song here:

2. Poika by Poju: So apparently this song celebrates the Hockey World Championships. I don’t know, it reminds me of songs from the late 1990s with that electrobeat. Sounds upbeat and fun though.

3. Meglio Prima by J-Ax: I’ve followed J-Ax for a while now. He was a member of the influential Italian rap group Articolo 31 and I was super-pumped to catch a glimpse of him with my group in Baia Imperiale this summer during our trip.

Well, he has a new song out and it’s pretty awesome (even if it is impossible to see the music video in the United States).

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