Dan Choi Will Reenlist in Military

20 Sep

Outspoken gay rights champion and former infantry officer Dan Choi plans to reenlist in the army following Tuesday’s official repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, a policy which forbade openly gay people from serving in the armed forces.

“Going back to the military will be a vindication,” Choi said. “[I’m] going back because I fought to go back. The seriousness of our claims was not just political theatre – it was really drawn from our lives. I sacrificed so much so I could go back.

Choi was a former army lieutenant who served in Iraq between 2006-7 and came out publicly on Rachel Maddow‘s  show in 2009. He has made an appointment to speak with a recruiter later this week, but isn’t sure what role he would serve if accepted back into the armed forces.

The federal policy officially ended on September 20. In one of the more dramatic moments, a soldier called his father in Alabama to tell him about his sexuality. The video appeared on YouTube:



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