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3 Great International Songs

19 Sep

I’ve gotten hooked on Spotify recently. One of the features I love allows you to surf the most popular songs in various countries across the world. That’s how I stumbled on some of these great songs.

1. Ju Mer Dom Spottar by Kapten Rod: When I first stumbled on this song, I kind of thought it was a joke. I mean, Swedish rap? But apparently I’m wrong. Kapten Rod is a big deal there. I wrote a tweet to the Atlantic saying they should do a story about Swedish rap.

To my surprise, The Atlantic wrote back.

Check out the song here:

2. Poika by Poju: So apparently this song celebrates the Hockey World Championships. I don’t know, it reminds me of songs from the late 1990s with that electrobeat. Sounds upbeat and fun though.

3. Meglio Prima by J-Ax: I’ve followed J-Ax for a while now. He was a member of the influential Italian rap group Articolo 31 and I was super-pumped to catch a glimpse of him with my group in Baia Imperiale this summer during our trip.

Well, he has a new song out and it’s pretty awesome (even if it is impossible to see the music video in the United States).

Sweden Ditches Stamps For Texts

10 Mar

If you’re looking to send a letter or small package in the country of Sweden, pretty soon all you’ll need is a cell phone with a working text plan. That’s right, customers will text a number to pay for their mail. In return, they’ll get a code to write on the mail to show that it has been paid for.

The system will likely go into effect this summer. Denmark will start a similar plan in April. Postage rates will stay the same and a spokesman for the Swedish postal system said they are not worried about forgeries.

Problem I see: what if I don’t have a cell phone? It seems to me that the most likely segment of the population to lack a cell phone would be the elderly, who are also probably the most frequent users of the postage system.

Swedish stamps