Interview with Notorious Speakeasy Owner

6 Mar

Well, he says he isn’t one— not anymore. Jim Meehan founded PDT (or “Please Don’t Tell”) in May 2007. The concept was novel and really cool. Situated in the heart of NYC, patrons got to enter the drinking establishment from a secret door in a phone booth in Crif Dogs. Reservations began to fill up immediately and haven’t stopped. PDT is always full and the buzz has remained surprisingly strong, given NYC’s notoriously short attention span.

Meehan and two other partners took to redesigning an old bubble lounge in the heart of the East Village. Crif Dogs had a liquor license they weren’t using, so that made getting licensed much simpler. The phone booth came about as a pragmatic point. If the group offered another entrance from the street, they would need another liquor license. Now, PDT and Crif do business from the same address, but with completely different concepts. Genius!

For more of the fascinating interview, see here.

Jim Meehan, owner of PDT

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