College Basketball Player Suspended For Having Sex

6 Mar

If this occurred at any other school, it would not be news. It would not make waves. Nothing would happen. But, Brandon Davies plays played for BYU, where students must abide by the strict Mormon code of conduct.

Though the conduct was consensual and the woman involved was Davies’ girlfriend, the school’s code of conduct prohibits “premarital sex.” Davies acknowledged what happened to school officials during a meeting and was extremely remorseful for what occurred. Nevertheless, he was suspended from the team for the rest of the season and his future at BYU remains in doubt.

Davies apologized to his teammates for the incident. His team may still be shock though. Coming into a March 2 game, BYU was ranked number 3 in the nation. That night they lost to an unranked team by 18 points, and their ranking will likely tumble.

“He told us everything. He told us he was sorry and that he let us down. We just held our heads high and told him it was OK, that it is life, and you make mistakes, and you just got to play through it,” teammate Jimmer Fredette said.

Brandon Davies


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