No More Daily Deal Sites

5 Mar

This simply must stop. It takes but a simple knowledge of rudimentary economics to understand the concept of “market saturation.” Basically, it means the amount of a product or service that has been distributed throughout the market. In the case of daily deals sites— you probably think of Groupon and Living Social first— I believe that the market is too saturated. Or it’s getting there quickly. Two more well-known companies recently unveiled plans for their versions of daily deals.

1) The New York Times: Calling their new service TimesLimited, the site will work more like Gilt Group than Groupon. Rather than needing a critical mass before the deal becomes final, the Times will offer a select number of deals for a limited amount of time. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Deals will come from select Times advertisers. The company will aim for slightly more “upscale” deals and will not be tied to the upcoming paywall (coming “shortly”).

2) Bing: You may remember that Google launched its own deal platform shortly after Groupon rejected a bid from the search giant. Well, Bing decided to get in on that action as well. With Bing Deals, they hope to integrate information on your location with all of the daily deals going on nearby. You can purchase the deals from your computer or from a mobile device.

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