Links: 11/16

16 Nov

1) .Com Domains Are Default Again: Domain selling website GoDaddy experimented with using .co are the default for all new domain purchases. Apparently, the world is running out of .com options.

2) The Voice of the Subway: Have you ever wondered who makes the announcements on those subway cars in NYC? Well, The New York Times found Carolyn Hopkins and wrote a story about her.

3) Cryptic Announcement From Apple: Apple took to their iTunes store today with a very strange announcement.  They wrote, “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget.” The Wall Street Journal now writes that the company will add Beatles songs to their catalog soon. This comes as Facebook announces “the next generation of e-mail.”

4) Weird Google StreetView News From All Around: First, a man announces that Google StreetView inspired him to lose 7 stones (98 pounds). Then, the discovery of a strange website, based around strange images found on the site.

5) Girl Talk Offers Free Album: Who knows for how long? The mashup artist is offering his next album for free online.

6) Town Refuses To Change Westboro Baptist Church’s Tires: The legendary gay-hating, military funeral protesting church couldn’t find a single garage to change its’ tires after members of the town slashed them.

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