Links: 11/14

14 Nov

My apologies to everyone for not posting for some time now. I hope to make it up to you with some awesome links for your reading pleasure.

1) Pope Warns Of Loneliness: Pope Benedict XVI doesn’t want for people to be lonely, and knows why they might be. The internet. His holiness warned young people not to rely on the new technology.

2) Shout Out to a Fellow WordPress Blog: A new London-based blog has caught my (and Londonist’s) eye. Daniel Brackley is a celebrity in his field and has launched a blog chronicling his daily adventures. What does he do? Well, he’s works in the sewers.

3) Something You Don’t See Today: Take a look at this picture and see if something looks odd about it. LIFE unveiled a gallery of never-before-seen pictures of future President Kennedy from the campaign trail.

Did you see the gun?

4) Why Burgers Don’t Rot: A scientist has finally decided to answer the question of why McDonald’s hamburgers do not rot through scientific study. The answer, according to the experiment: the burgers are small but with a large surface area that allows moisture to evaporate quickly. No moisture, no mold. I don’t buy it.

5) Apparently, NYC’s Worst Kept Secret: This week, a series of posts spoke about a new SECRET subway station in NYC, located underneath City Hall. Apparently, the station has never been abandoned and sly riders have always been able to stop there. I want to go there now, though. Looks really cool.

6) Yeah, Ouch: Just look at this picture…

[via Daily What via jmg]

7) Awesome Myth-Busting: The gang from the popular Discovery Channel show disproves the “bull in a china shop” saying.

8) New Addictive Tool: Tired of only seeing postcard-quality shots of countries from all-over the world? Well, a new dawn is coming. MapCrunch let’s you pick whatever country you want, and then the site finds a random Google StreetView. A taste of reality.

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  1. Undercity: A Documentary About the Secrets of New York « Not Intent on Arriving - January 3, 2011

    […] The two men (illegally) explore the abandoned City Hall subway stop (previously blogged about on this site), the first sewer of the city, and several other treasures, hidden below […]

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