Links: 11/17

17 Nov

1) Surprising Places with Wi-Fi: In case you aren’t fortunate enough to take place of Google’s offering of free Wi-Fi on the flights of three airlines for the holiday season, this list from Unplgged suggests some unexpected places to look. Examples: Laundromats and courthouses.

2) First Look Inside the Spider-Man Musical: Vogue offers the first look at the world’s most expensive musical ever— Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark will open in January 2011.

3) Man Afraid For His Life in Africa: Unfortunately, that by itself would not be news. In the past weeks, a newspaper in Uganda published a list of gay men to kill.  This man, however, is targeted for a different reason. His skin color. Salum Khalfan Barwany was elected to parliament in Tanzania. He’s albino.

4) He Doesn’t Waste Time: Lil’ Wayne has been out of jail for less than two weeks, but a track featuring new vocals from the artist has already come out.  Wayne returned to the studio last week (for a 15-hour session) and his record label says they will release a post-prison Wayne track “like tomorrow.”

5) Steve Jobs is Normal: That’s the real news of the day. We learn it after the release of some images from Jobs’ personal home office, which are… surprisingly normal. The other Jobs news of the day. Apple completely overhyped the addition of Beatles songs to iTunes.

6) Amazing Art Project: Courtesy of London. One local photographer chronicles the scenes of 12 murders through ordinary pictures.

7) Also From London: The world’s largest 360 degree view of a city. In huge resolution.

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