Enzo offers some “protection”

29 Aug

Napoli is a dangerous place.  One day, as we’re waiting to pretend that we’re British, we take a trip out to the beach.  Most of the kids are chilling and chatting (doing everything to not go into the beautiful water).  Except for Lowell, Nolan and Travis.  They’ve found a couple of lady friends.

They spend most of three hours we’re there chatting with these ladies.  At some point, one of them goes to Travis “ti voglio” or “I want you.”  He didn’t understand.  Well I go in the water. I get wet.  Enzo thinks this a major problem that must be remedied.  So he takes me to his home and I shower off.  Well, specifically, he says, “My house is five minutes away.  You can shower there.”   Instead, it’s about a 15 minute drive (we take the mega bus) and there are four of us to shower.  It takes a while.

The beach where we were

We make it back.  The boys have been offered a chance to go to the discotecca with these girls (too bad that this place is 1.5 hours from our hotel).  They miss out.  But Enzo recognizes the potential implications for Travis.  He goes, “Tomorrow, I’ll bring you my box so that you can be protected.”  Yes, condoms.  Awkward.  Travis doesn’t know how to respond.

Well, the next day Enzo does show up and, indeed, has a box.  He tells Travis, “You can take whatever is inside.” Travis nervously opens the box.  It’s just a box for sunglasses and we all have a laugh.

Oh, Enzo.

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