Links: 8/28

28 Aug

1) What year is it again?: A middle school in Mississippi just dropped student government election rules that mandated that certain positions would go to specific races.  Don’t worry though.  In the past, positions would change races each year and the rules were designed to ensure “ensure minority representation.”

2) Cat, Owner Reunited Thanks to Technology: Isn’t it a wonderful world we live in? Somehow, a cat hopped onto a train  and arrived dazed in Dublin far from home.  Thankfully, station managers reviewed closed circuit footage of the cat and were able to determine when it boarded.  Then, they tweeted a picture of the cat.  The owner saw the tweet (seriously, who isn’t following IrishRail?) and the two were reunited.

3) Two young transit workers have ancient disease: Two NYC transit workers have been diagnosed with consumption, a disease still common in Asia and Africa, but very rare in the United States.  The Daily Intel has the complete lowdown.  The money quote for a spokesman:

“Who the hell knows how they got it? Consider what these guys do. They take trucks, go to stations and hose them down. They’re in constant contact with crap in those stations.”

4) Juice from a penguin?: Laughing squid brings us an interesting concept for juice boxes.  Click here for the official website with additional designs.

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