You Outta Know

29 Aug

1) New Expedition Maps Titanic Wreck Site: not since the end of the movie has such an ambitious exploration of the RMS Titanic been attempted.  In its August issue, National Geographic writer Brian Handwerk authors  an incredible article about the state of the ruins, and describes fears that the wreckage might collapse. “Expedition Titanic” launched recently and its website allows online users to actually explore the wreckage.

A sonar pic of the wreckage. Thanks to Boing Boing.

2) Tea Partiers Descend on Lincoln Memorial for Beck-a-thon: Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck hosted “Restoring Honor” sermon/political rally yesterday.  Many story lines here.  Thousands of people attended, but the actual estimates range from 50,000 to well over 1 million. At the rally, baseball slugger Albert Pujols and manager Tony La Russa were strange honorees (side note: my dad and i watched the Washington Nationals beat their team, the St. Louis Cardinals today). One attendee blamed “homosexuals” for the country’s problems.  Beck later denied that he desired the presidency, but attacked President Obama’s religion on the Sunday talk shows. The Daily Intel describes many of the attendees.

One attendee of the controversial rally

3) NYC Subway Miracle: Early Sunday morning, an unidentified young woman walked onto the subway tracks seconds before an incoming train pulled into the station.  An alert driver stopped the train in time and averted a tragic accident.  Amazing photos of the scene were taken, but why were you taking pictures and not helping her, Mr. Onlooker?

Thanks to NY Daily News

4) History on… YouTube: Yep, it’s possible and Mashable has created an excellent list of 10 historical moments that you can watch on YouTube.  On the list: the moon landing, “I Have a Dream,” Fall of the Berlin Wall, Gandhi’s Salt March and many others. Check it out.  It’s worth the time.

5) 48 Hours?: Well the name doesn’t work, but Longshot Magazine went from concept to published work in 48 hours. Hundreds of people assisted in creation of the first issue, which is partially available online.

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