A Strange Question

28 Aug

One day we’re back in the hotel, waiting for the next part of the day to begin.  Enzo is there, chatting with me.  We’re about to go get a coffee at the hotel bar.  I think the amazing thing about Italy is the fact that no matter where you go, whether at a bar in Piazza San Marco in Venice or in a tiny hotel bar, the coffee is good.

Enzo would offer the coffee whether I wanted it or not.  Today he offered and I accepted.  As we’re about to go for the coffee, Lowell comes down and purchased some internet time.  You pay by the hour for time used on the internet in Europe.  Enzo sees this and approaches Lowell.

You are looking for the good pornos? I can give you some suggestions.  My own favorites.

I wasn’t sure how to respond.  Lowell wasn’t either.  It was one of those “huh?” moments that stunned me.  Enzo was joking, but that was not clear at the time.

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