Sorrento (not the cheese)

24 Aug

After our visit Pompeii, we took a train into a beautiful town with quite a tourist presence: Sorrento.  We took the kids to a very special place.  As we walked into the limoncello factory, you get the overwhelming smell of the acidity of lemon mixed with the sweetness of sugar.  Everyone got to taste a bit of the world-famous liquor which, when chilled, has an incredibly delicate and smooth texture going down.

Inside our limoncello factory

After that, we gave the kids some time to explore the area on their own.  Enzo and I walked around downtown and then I split up at some point and wandered off by myself.  Below is a picture of the area.

In the distance here, you can see Napoli

Enzo took me to a wonderful bar in the center of town where we had the speciality of the house:  Granita (basically lemon shaved ice) with sweet tea.  Yum!  After about an hour, we reunited with the kids right outside of the center of town.  Enzo had a restaurant in mind and we took off for it.

Now, I’ve already mentioned something about Italian portion size.  In this restaurant, Enzo had already negotiated a price and the owner proposed 3 “tastes” of pasta and a second course.  I told the kids this, expecting all three “tastes” to be on one plate and tiny portions.  Instead, they were served separately and were quite a bit of pasta.  Then, I hadn’t told the kids there would be a second course (sausage), but there was.  I thought we would have a mutiny.  No one could eat anymore.  “My stomach is about to explode.” Blah blah blah.

Anyways, the food was really good and the kids did survive.  But it’s pretty funny thinking back to the faces when that fourth course of food emerged from the kitchen.

PS: the kids went out for gelato after all this food.  Some things can never be sacrificed.

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