News From Italy

23 Aug

1. You’re in Good Hands at the Ocean: They may be the cutest lifesaving device ever.  A series of elite lifeguards participates in a three-year training program before they are certified to help the 3,000 people that need rescuing each summer on the Italian beaches.  They are: dogs.

2. Vicious Corn War: the battle over genetically modified corn has turned violent.  One farmer, Giorgio Fidenato, took on the European Union and the Italian government when he planted two fields of genetically modified corn this past April.  Fidenato was defiant and granted interviews about his corn, which he said fought off a devastating pest in the area.  Recently, environmental groups found and destroyed a large portion of his crop.  We’ll see where the battle ends.

3. Pay up: With Italy facing an increasingly shaky economy, they need to collect tax revenue and quickly.  Apparently, they fail to collect $13 billion each year on unpaid taxes on yachts.  Efforts have been stepped up to collect that missing money.

4. Bad News for the Roma people: Long considered an eyesore on the European countryside, this nomadic people now face the force of European police.  France decided last week to expel the Roma people within its borders, even reserving a flight to deport them. One Italian minister praised the decision and urged his country to follow suit.

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