Stunning Color Pics from 80s NYC Subway

24 Aug

Hat tip to Boing Boing for this post:

“As a Midwesterner who didn’t get a chance to fall in love with New York City subways until 2002, it’s fascinating to take a trip back to the system’s not-so-glory days, courtesy a collection of 1980s-era photos on Sean Kernick’s 2 4 Flinching blog.

I’ve seen historical photos of the NYC subways before, but, somehow, the other picture collections seem to skip over this period in the subway’s past. What I love best about these images—taken by photographers Bruce DavidsonJohn F. ConnJamel Shabazz and Martha Cooper—is the fact that they are documenting a full world. Sure, on these graffiti-covered and trash-strewn subways, guns got pointed at heads and white yuppies looked terrified. But this was also a system that took little girls to the beach, and suit-wearing men and women to the office.

The photos give you an unflinching sense of what these systems were like at a time when the city had basically left them to rot, but without creating a caricature that distracts from the humanity of the people involved (even the ones who contributed to the rotting). Good stuff.”

I agree.  Click here for the pictures:

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