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Mark Block Stars In Bizarre Herman Cain Campaign Ad

24 Oct

Is this real? That was my first reaction upon seeing this political advertisement for the first time. A quick Internet search confirms that the man, Mark Block, is actually Herman Cain‘s chief campaign manager.

The ad features Block quirkily touting the benefits of Cain and saying “We’ve run a campaign like nobody’s ever seen.” Definitely. Then, at the fourty second mark, Block takes a puff from a cigarette and the whole then ends with The Joker Cain creepily flashing a smile at the camera.

Also, the music.

Viral sensation is born.

Viral Video Star Sophia Grace Brownlee Sings With Nicki Minaj

13 Oct

You are a heartless person if this video did not melt your heart the first time you saw it. Little Sophia Grace Brownlee and her cousin Rosie Grace McClelland made this amazing cover version of Nicki Minaj‘s hit “Super Bass.” The clip has been seen more than 8 million times on YouTube.

Well, the Ellen DeGeneres Show flew them in from England and offered them the chance to perform again. Then, Ellen surprised them by bringing Nicki Minaj out and the girls met their favorite celebrity. Again, this is an amazing clip.

Is the song appropriate for an eight-year-old to sing? That’s another question.

Horrible Alabama Sorority Recruiting Video

19 Aug

This video was created by the Alabama Panhellenic as a recruitment tool. Apparently the people who created this bizarre mix of rapping and Rebecca Black thought it would convince more girls to sign up for Rush Week. Do you think it works? I half wonder if this was done poorly intentionally as a way to attract more attention. People must now think, “If I make a video so bad that it goes viral that will attract as much, if not more attention, then a really great video.”

Could that be a new model for publicity? Of course, I doubt the people making this video ever believed it would go this big. In the meantime, this is cringe-worthy.

T-Mobile Makes Viral Royal Wedding Parody Video

16 Apr

Everyone probably remembers that wedding entrance from a couple years ago that went viral. Well, telecoms company T-Mobile (until it becomes AT&T) still produces advertisements and this one is a brilliant combination of that original viral video and the a royal wedding spoof. Apparently, Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married soon.

That song is “House of Love” by East 17.

Wendy Cobb Had Scariest Car Accident Ever

5 Apr

Get ready for your heart stop. Keep watching the video. The accident is coming, I promise. Don’t worry, the driver was (unbelievably) fine after this incident. Wendy Cobb was the person who filmed all this.