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Horrible Alabama Sorority Recruiting Video

19 Aug

This video was created by the Alabama Panhellenic as a recruitment tool. Apparently the people who created this bizarre mix of rapping and Rebecca Black thought it would convince more girls to sign up for Rush Week. Do you think it works? I half wonder if this was done poorly intentionally as a way to attract more attention. People must now think, “If I make a video so bad that it goes viral that will attract as much, if not more attention, then a really great video.”

Could that be a new model for publicity? Of course, I doubt the people making this video ever believed it would go this big. In the meantime, this is cringe-worthy.

Singer Covers Rebecca Black’s Friday in Chinese

12 May

YouTube user dawen decided that 1 billion people needed to hear Rebecca Black’s monstrosity in their native language: Chinese. So, he recorded his version of it. It sounds just as ridiculous as the original and I don’t even speak Chinese.

Oh, PS, Glee also covered “Friday” in their most recent episode.

Rebecca Black must be laughing all the way to the bank. 136 million views and counting for the original song on YouTube.