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Michelle Obama Dances to Beyonce, Dougies

4 May

As part of her “Let’s Move” campaign, First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama took headed to International¬†Baccalaureate¬†School in Washington DC for a flash dance workout. Among the songs that played were a re-worked Beyonce song (which was re-done for the Let’s Move campaign). Obama danced throughout the songs and even Dougied when the time came up.

Beyonce’s “(Girls) Who Run The World” is Worst Pop Song Ever

21 Apr

The over-synthesized¬†pop simply must end. Beyonce’s next single was leaked to the Internet a couple of days ago, prompting the pop singer to release the song earlier than anticipated. The song was just released to iTunes, but Ryan Seacrest got to release the audio track yesterday.

It’s called “(Girls) Who Run The World” and features everything bad about heavily studio-ized music today. It sounds like something that will give you a seizure. It features European club beats, but then adds Beyonce’s same style of vocals as all of her past songs. The two styles clash, and badly.

Add the fact that the chorus keeps repeating, “Who run this mother…” (which pretty blatantly comes across as motherf***er). Yeah, really great message. It’s really repetative and features a simpler beat than Gwen Stefani’s horrible “Hollaback Girl.”

Come on Beyonce. We wanted another “Single Ladies,” not another “Popozao.” Take a listen.