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North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il Dies at 69

18 Dec

North Korea’s enigmatic and bizarre “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong-Il has died of “physical fatigue” while riding a train, North Korean news agencies report. Kim was riding a train around 8:30 a.m. Saturday when he suffered a “severe myocardial infarction along with a heart attack.”

Kim ruled North Korea with an iron fist since his father and the nation’s founder, Kim Il-Sung, died in 1994. Though hampered by a stroke in 2008, Kim continued to rule the country.

State officials announced a period of mourning that will last until December 29. The Supreme Leader’s funeral will take place December 28.

North Korea suffered from crippling famine and nonexistent economic development. For reminders about the brutality and suffering under Kim Jong-Il look no further than:

Political control now passes to Kim Jong-Il’s son, Kim Jong-un. The New York Times profiled Kim Jong-Il’s third son earlier this fall. He apparently loves NBA basketball and attended school in Europe. Live coverage of Kim’s death here.

Here’s Kim in happier times. The United States and North Korea announced a major deal less than a day before Kim’s death was announced.

LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem in North Korea

20 Sep

This is hilarious. “Party Rock Anthem” ft. Kim Jong-Il.

[h/t The Far Far East]

South Korea Tries to Incite Unrest in North Korea

25 Feb

Balloons from South Korea

Hot on the heels of the unrest in the Middle East, South Korea wants North Korean citizens to begin their own uprising. They’ve employed a low tech solution to provoke them. In the past couple of days, members of the South Korean military began to fly balloons filled with leaflets on the unrest in the Middle East over the border and into North Korea.

The messages contain news of the uprisings in Egypt and Libya, suggesting “a dictatorial regime is destined to collapse.” More than 3 million leaflets have been sent to North Korea. When the balloons burst, the leaflets scatter.

There is no word on whether any protests have occurred in North Korea to date. The official news channel in North Korea has not reported on the situation in the Middle East. Earlier this week, China blocked phone access and the internet to prevent uprisings similar to those in the Middle East from occurring in their country.

A documentary about the situation in North Korea: