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Middlebury Student Tik Root Missing in Syria

24 Mar

Tik Root Missing in Syria

A Middlebury College student has been missing since last Friday in Damascus, Syria. Tik Root ’12 was last seen at a political protest that encountered opposition from pro-government forces.

At the rally, police arrested and beat around 30 people. Root’s father believes he was among that group. Before enrolling at an independent study program in Damascus, Root studied at the Middlebury school abroad in Alexandria, Egypt. The students from that program were evacuated as the situation in the country worsened, and arrived back in the United States. Root, though, wished to return to the region and did so through an independent program.

The story has gained a lot of national attention with The Huffington Post picking it up. As someone who’s worked with Tik on several occasions, I know he’s a great guy and certainly hope for some good news as soon as possible. It’s a reminder to everyone out there that the situation in the Middle East remains extremely volatile. The State Department has opened an investigation into Root’s whereabouts.

South Korea Tries to Incite Unrest in North Korea

25 Feb

Balloons from South Korea

Hot on the heels of the unrest in the Middle East, South Korea wants North Korean citizens to begin their own uprising. They’ve employed a low tech solution to provoke them. In the past couple of days, members of the South Korean military began to fly balloons filled with leaflets on the unrest in the Middle East over the border and into North Korea.

The messages contain news of the uprisings in Egypt and Libya, suggesting “a dictatorial regime is destined to collapse.” More than 3 million leaflets have been sent to North Korea. When the balloons burst, the leaflets scatter.

There is no word on whether any protests have occurred in North Korea to date. The official news channel in North Korea has not reported on the situation in the Middle East. Earlier this week, China blocked phone access and the internet to prevent uprisings similar to those in the Middle East from occurring in their country.

A documentary about the situation in North Korea:

HORROR: CBS News’ Lara Logan Sexually Assaulted in Egypt

15 Feb

CBS News’ chief foreign affairs correspondent Lara Logan is recovering in the United States today from a “a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating.” Logan was reporting from Tahrir Square on Friday, after ex-president Hosni Mubarak stepped down from government. At some point, she became separated from her crew and was surrounded by a mob of at least 200 people. A group of women and some Egyptian soliders rescued her from the assualt.

Before this recent attack, Logan and two CBS cameramen were detained in Egypt for a day. She returned to the United States, but flew back to Cairo shortly before Mubarak’s departure. Since joining CBS in 2002, Logan has covered events in locations ranging from Afghanistan to Iraq.

She is not the first reporter t0 come under attack in Egypt during the protests. CNN’s Anderson Cooper left the country following a beating, two FOX News reporters were also assaulted and a crowd swarmed CBS News’ Katie Couric during a report. In all, more than 140 reporters have been attacked during the protests and one Egyptian reporter died.

CBS News' Lara Logan