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“Teach Me How to Dougie” Rapper Murdered

16 May

Rapper M Bone, a member of the California rap group Cali Swag District, was gunned down last night as he sat in a parked car outside of a liquor store. He was 22.

As the rapper, whose real name was Mante Ray Talbert, sat in the driver’s seat of a car a burst of gunfire erupted from another car. M Bone was shot two times in the head, but a passenger in the car was not injured. The group’s publicist said that M Bone was the victim of random street violence.

The incident occurred in Inglewood around 10:30 p.m. The Cali Swag District burst onto the national scene with their infectious dance hit “Teach Me How to Dougie” last year. The song eventually hit number 28 on the charts, and remained in the top 10 rap songs for several months. Celebrities ranging from CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer to First Lady Michelle Obama have performed the dance.

“I’m crushed. I feel awful. I just want to go sit in a corner. I just lost one of my best friends,” said JayAre of Cali Swag District. “I’ve been with this dude every day for like two years, and like I’m never going to see him again.”

Police have not yet arrested a suspect.

Bethesda Lululemon Murder Case Takes Bizarre Turn

19 Mar

Along with many other present and former residents of Bethesda, I was shocked to hear of the murder of Jayna Murray, who died last Friday inside the Lululemon store on Bethesda Row. That evening, Murray and Brittany Norwood returned to the store after closing to retrive a forgotten item. According to Norwood, two masked men then entered the store, tied her up, sexually assaulted both women and somehow killed Murrary during the struggle.

Turns out, none of it was true. Police found no evidence of sexual assault from the two women, noted inconsistencies with Norwood’s story, searched her car and began to consider her a suspect. After they found just two sets of footprints in the store, Norwood became the prime suspect. They now believe she faked her injuries to avoid detection.

The crime rattled the usually crime-free affluent D.C. suburb. Witnesses now claim to have heard both women arguing the night of the crime. Norwood will appear in court soon.

Lululemon murder scene.