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10 Weirdest Musical Collaborations Ever

27 Jan

Let me be clear— I really like unusual and creative ideas. Especially in music. Some of these work. Others don’t. But they’re all fun and show how awesome collaborations can be.

1) “Over and Over”— Nelly ft. Tim McGraw: Probably the best known song on my list, this song was unquestionably the most successful. This song hit number 3 in 2005.

2) “Dirt Road Anthem (Remix)”— Jason Aldean ft. Ludacris: Reversing it up from the first song on this list, we look at a country song with a rap verse sprinkled in. Atlanta rapper Ludacris made this remix of Jason Aldean’s number one country hit unforgettable.

3) “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”— Aretha Franklin ft. Keith Richards: Bet you didn’t know the Queen of Soul decided to take on one of the Rolling Stones’ classic tracks. She did, and Keith even helped her do it.

4) “Street Rock”— Kurtis Blow ft. Bob Dylan: Music legend Bob Dylan raps. Need I say more?

5) “The Gambler”— Kenny Rogers ft. Wyclef Jean: Take one of the classic songs of rock and roll, then add some Haitian hip-hop. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

6)”Gone Going”— Black Eyed Peas ft. Jack Johnson: Hip-hop’s bad boys (and Fergie) decide to lay down some beats with Hawaii’s soulful wonder boy.

7) “Party for Two” — Shania Twain ft. Mark McGrath: I don’t know, something about “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” singer Twain with the guy who sings “Every Morning” from Sugar Ray is weird. Am I crazy?

8) “California Gurls”— Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg: I’m sorry, I know this song was huge, but really Snoop? Can you say sellout? He might have actually traded in all of his street cred to make it. Then there’s the behind-the-scenes video, which is just awkward and weird.

9) “Can’t Stop Partying”— Weezer ft. Lil Wayne: Um, yeah, no words for this really. Except Wayne is sick on this verse.

10) “Revolver” — Madonna ft. Lil Wayne: Yeah, Lil Wayne on any pop song seems to make the potential for weird increase. Singing with the 1980s original pop princess is just weird (but again, I think it works). He also dropped some sick rhymes for JLo.

“Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 is a Truly Historic Song

5 Sep

It is still quite the achievement in the music world to have a song hit number 1 on the charts, and that’s exactly what Maroon 5 did last week with their latest single “Moves Like Jagger” ft. Christina Aguilera.

The accomplishment is notable for a variety of odd reasons. Let’s go through them one by one.

1. For Maroon 5: The rock band has not had a number 1 since 2007’s “Makes Me Wonder.” This puts them back on top again.

2. For Christina Aguilera: The singer has not had a number 1 for ten years since 2001’s “Lady Marmalade” with Lil’ Kim, Mya and P!nk. It is her fifth number one hit overall.

3. For Adam Levine: The Maroon 5 frontman becomes the first artist to have a number one hit with a band and place another song in the top 10 as a soloist in the same week. He contributed vocals to the Gym Class Heroes‘ “Stereo Hearts.”

4. For Mick Jagger: The Rolling Stones frontman becomes the first musician ever to have had a number 1 hit and to have their name mentioned in a number one hit. The Rolling Stones had 8 number one hits in the 1960s and 1970s. This achievement doesn’t apply to “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone” by the Temptations since it didn’t refer to Jagger’s band specifically.

Overall, Jagger becomes the fourth musician to have his name appear in a number one hit. The others:

Jagger has also been referenced in several other well known and popular songs.

The only other celebrity to have their new appear in a number one hit that I can find is Bette Davis whose name appeared in Kim Carnes’Bette Davis Eyes.”