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[Updated] All Exotic Animals Now Dead or Captured

19 Oct

Dead Lion Ohio

An incredibly bizarre and tragic story continues to evolve in Ohio. Terry Thompson had an exotic animal farm in Zanesville, Ohio where he kept at least 56 creatures, including bears, lions, mountain lions, cheetahs and tigers. On Tuesday evening, Thompson opened the animals’ cages then committed suicide.

Police officers reported putting down 48 of the animals, including 18 Bengali tigers (some of the rarest in the world) and 17 tigers. Six animals were captured and taken into the zoo. Officers decided against tranquilizing the animals because it was approaching nighttime and they feared the animals would flee into the woods where the sedatives would wear off. Just one wolf and a monkey remain unaccounted for.

A picture posted to Twitter shows the carnage:

One highway sign read “Caution Exotic Animals. Stay in Vehicle. Call 911 If Seen.” Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz described the animals as “mature, very big, aggressive” and called public safety “my No. 1 concern.” Noted animal expert Jack Hanna defended the actions of the police, but was deeply saddened by the loss of the tigers in particular.

“When I heard 18 I was still in disbelief,” Hanna said. “The most magnificent creature in the entire world, the tiger is.”  Here’s video of the most recent press conference.

What a shame.

Graphic Video of Yueyue Accident in Foshan, China

18 Oct

Warning: the video above is extremely graphic and difficult to watch. Millions of Chinese people are debating the country’s moral customs following a horrifying accident that left a two-year-old toddler gravely injured and likely brain-dead.

Surveilance video paints an unmistakable picture of what happened. The two-year-old, named Yueyue, was absent-mindly wandering outside her family’s hardware store on a narrow street in a busy market. Out of nowhere, a van driver runs over the girl. The driver pauses for a second, as the girl lies trapped between the front and rear wheels of his vehicle, before he continues driving and runs her over again.

When reached by local media later, the man said he had just broken up with his girlfriend and was talking on the phone during the accident. “If she is dead, I may pay only about 20,000 yuan ($3,125). But if she is injured, it may cost me hundreds of thousands yuan,” he said.

Perhaps even more appalling is what happens next. Several people, some of whom have to have witnessed the accident, walk right by the fallen girl as she writhes on the ground. One man walks by without even looking at the girl. A cyclist makes a brief glance but continues on his way. In all, 18 people walk past the girl over an eight minute period before a 58-year-old trash collector named Chen Xianmei comes to her aid (there must be a parable in there).

After searching for someone to help, the trash collector located the girl’s mother who rushed her away to hospital. She continues to live but will remain in a vegetative state.

Extreme Hot Tubbing 600 Feet Off Bridge

13 Oct

Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend looking at these pictures if you’re afraid of heights. A group of self-described “hot tub enthusiasts” in Switzerland has gone ahead with one pretty extreme plan: using a hot tub that has been suspended some 600 feet off a bridge. They selected the Pont du Gueuroz, which was one of the tallest bridges ever built at the time of its construction.

They started work on their system at 4:30 a.m. on October 1. Four and half hours later the first person went into the hot tub. The last person came out at 6:00 p.m. 25 people participated in the experiment. More pictures are here.

They also constructed a jaccuzzi at the summit of Mont Blanc.

Seattle Superhero Phoenix Jones Arrested

12 Oct

Self-described “Guardian of Seattle” and real-life “superhero” Phoenix Jones was arrested and charged with assault after he pepper sprayed a group of people outside of a nightclub this past weekend.

A group of men and women left a nightclub and were “dancing and having a good time” when Jones burst onto the scene and pepper sprayed them. According to a police report, a woman approached police officers around 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning and claimed “she and some of her friends had just been attacked and pepper sprayed by a male in a ‘Spider-Man costume.”

“In this particular case, he perceived that this group was fighting and when we contacted them, they said they weren’t fighting,” said Det. Mark Jamieson, a Seattle Police Department public information officer. “Unfortunately, he used force. He committed a crime, an assault against these individuals. That’s against the law.”


Jones is a member of the “Rain City Superhero Movement,” a group of people who patrol the streets aiming to stop crimes. Following his arrest, the Smoking Gun exposed his real name, Benjamin John Francis Fodor, 23.  Jones could face up to year in jail if convicted.

Video of the incident was posted to Publicola.

Bicyclist Evan Van Der Spuy Struck By Antelope

10 Oct

Evan Van Der Spuy

Mountain biker Evan Van Der Spuy miraculously sustained just minor injuries after being hit by an adult antelope during a race in South Africa.

Van Der Spuy was riding for Team Jeep South Africa at Albert Falls Dam in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa when the accident occurred. In the video, his teammate, Travis Walker, warns him to “watch the buck” but an accident is unavoidable.

Surprisingly, the rider suffered just a sore neck and broken helmet from the collison.