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Bicyclist Evan Van Der Spuy Struck By Antelope

10 Oct

Evan Van Der Spuy

Mountain biker Evan Van Der Spuy miraculously sustained just minor injuries after being hit by an adult antelope during a race in South Africa.

Van Der Spuy was riding for Team Jeep South Africa at Albert Falls Dam in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa when the accident occurred. In the video, his teammate, Travis Walker,¬†warns him to “watch the buck” but an accident is unavoidable.

Surprisingly, the rider suffered just a sore neck and broken helmet from the collison.

3 Shocking Videos You Have to See

28 Feb

These are three videos that I spotted today. They are all unbelievable, you should watch them.

1) Car Runs Down Bicyclists: These guys in Brazil were participating in a Critical Mass event. At some point, a crazy driver decides to run them down. The entire incident was caught on video. Miraculously, no one was killed. The driver claims self defense (huh?).

2) Skier Falls Down Mountain, Appears Uninjured: Another one of those scenes were you ask, “how is that person still alive after that?” This skier was on top of a mountain and about to ski down, when suddenly he lost his footing. His camera rolls as he falls down the mountain.

3) Soccer Player Kicks Owl During a Game: In this case, the other team’s mascot lands on the field during the game. Another player kicks the ball and it strikes the owl. Play is immediately stopped. After a brief stoppage, another player walks over and kicks the owl. Miraculously, the owl suffered no broken bones in the attack.