Chuck Testa Makes Hilarious Taxidermy Commercial

15 Sep

Boy, if you haven’t heard of Ojai Valley Taxidermy (and why would you have?), you will know it after this unintentionally hilarious one-minute commercial.

Chuck Testa specializes in making the most “life-like dead animals anywhere. Period.”

Various locals spot an antelope driving a car, have a bear in their bed, spy a leopard on their deck and even glimpse a rhino ordering a drink. But actually, NOPE because they’re all dead!

Best local commercial since this gem.

One Response to “Chuck Testa Makes Hilarious Taxidermy Commercial”

  1. w1nt3l September 17, 2011 at 2:17 pm #

    Local commercials are the best! This one is funny! “Nope, Chuck Testa”

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