Arrested For Going 85 MPH While Having Backseat Sex

18 Jun

According to court documents filed in Fairfax County, Virginia one man had quite the 21st birthday party. He was arrested under somewhat unorthodox circumstances while driving on the Beltway, the highway that circles Washington DC. The car he was driving allegedly collided with a taxi and that driver now wants $75,000 in damages.

So what was the defendant doing? According to the complaint:

  1. He was driving 85 mph on the Beltway.
  2. He was having sex with a female passenger in the car.
  3. He admitted to driving while drunk.
  4. He was partially or completely in the backseat of the car.

The taxi driver’s lawyer argues that “having sex at 85 miles per hour while drunk on a freeway is willful and wanton negligence.” Not sure I disagree with that.

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