Vancouver Kissing Couple Identified as Alexandra Thomas and Scott Jones

17 Jun

The photo has become iconic. Taken in an instant during the citywide riots that crippled the Canadian city of Vancouver several nights ago. The photographer was Rich Lam of Getty Images and has said he believes the image he captured is 100% authentic.

Now, the couple is speaking out and they seem to support that conclusion. Alexandra Thomas is Canadian and was watching Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals with her boyfriend Scott Jones, who happens to be Australian. They decided to investigate what was happening downtown after the game, and were knocked to the ground by police officers. Thomas was frightened and Jones decided to comfort her with a kiss.

That moment was captured and the world has now seen it. “When I first saw it, I thought, ‘No way, that’s not … I can’t believe that’s us,’ ” Thomas told the Toronto Sun. “Then I looked some more and realized that is us. That’s a very revealing picture of us.”

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