President Obama Has Had a Rough UK Visit

26 May

For the past couple of days, President Obama has been touring Ireland and England and meeting with leaders. His trip, however, has been filled with embarrassing moments, gaffes and strange photo opportunities. What has he been up to? Take a look.

1) His Limo Gets Stuck: As Obama was leaving the US Embassy to give a speech in Dublin, his limousine (nicknamed “The Beast”) became stuck on an elevated curb. Secret Service agents obscured the limo from public sight while they worked to free the tires.

2) He Inexplicably Writes the Wrong Year: Obama got a tour of Westminster Abbey and lay a wreath on the Grave of the Unknown Warrior. He signed the guestbook on his way out with the words “It is a great privilege to commemorate our common heritage, and common sacrifice.” Then, he signed the date “24 May 2008.” Yeah, not the correct year.

3) Ping Pong Politics: Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron decided to play ping pong against two students. They looked ridiculous, and Obama looked bad. Not as bad as bowling though. Still, why would you allow for this photo opportunity that allows pictures like this to be taken.

4) He Flubs Toast to Queen: The royal family honored President Obama with a royal dinner, but he flubbed the toast and spoke over the national anthem. Oops. See more here.

5) He Meets Jedward: The Irish twins performed their hit song for the President of the United States, who apparently liked their hair.

6) He Randomly Talks to Random Person on Phone: What would you do if your daughter handed you the phone and President Obama was on the other line? That happened to one mother today.

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