Preston Mitchum Plagiarizes His Law School Graduation Speech

24 May

Obviously, those classes didn’t sink in that well. Preston Mitchum had the honor of delivering a student speech at his graduation from N.C. Central University law school. The speech highlighted the familiar themes of being average in such a competitive place, but the themes were familiar because Mitchum had copied them!

The speech originated from Anthony Corvino at Binghamton University last year. Mitchum ended up copying the speech word-for-word in some sections.

“I just don’t want this to have an effect on my career,” said Mitchum.

Corvino later said that Mitchum actually asked his permission via Facebook to give the speech, which he gave. A faculty disciplinary committee will review the allegations, but Mitchum was already given his diploma. He plans to take the bar exam this summer and pursue a further degree.

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