Creativity Emerges in Christchurch

9 Mar

Just days after a devastating earthquake struck New Zealand’s Christchurch and killed over 160 people (with the final toll expected to go higher), the community has come alive with people coming up with creative ways of describing their plight and raising funds for rebuilding the city. Here’s some of the most creative:

1) Show Us Your Long Drop: This site may not have been designed to raise awareness, but its done exactly that. The site’s creator says that it was designed as a way for people in Christchurch to have a laugh during such a difficult time. Actually, it has shown the world about the lack of proper sanitation and bathroom facilities. Users submit outdoor toilets that they designed.

Toilet in Christchurch2) Christchurch Cafe: This is an online coffee shop that doesn’t sell any coffee. Instead, you purchase any number of products that you would ordinarily find at a coffee shop. Click the link and you’ll be taken to a PayPal page, which enables you to make a donation in the amount you would’ve paid for the product. All proceeds go directly to the Christchurch community and help the coffee industry rebound from the quake.

3) This Online Auction: Well, you missed out because the auction has ended, but you could have had the opportunity to win “Rocky.” Now, Rocky is a 25-30 ton boulder that destroyed this man’s building in Christchurch. All proceeds from the sale went to the Christchurch Earthquake Relief Fund. The winning bid? Someone won “Rocky” for $50,000.

Rocky in Christchurch

If you’d like to help the earthquake victims, you can make a donation to the Red Cross.

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