Advertising News From Asia

8 Mar

If you’re not familiar, it seems like advertising in Asia employs some unusual tricks. Here’s two bits of news that seem to confirm that.

1) Next Media Animation: Whenever a major scandal strikes, these Taiwanese animators are first on the scene. They create animated versions of the scandals, often with exaggerated and hilarious results. They’ve covered a wide variety of scandals, ranging from the Tiger Woods sex debacle to Steven Slater’s much-publicized exit from an airplane. Now, they’re coming to America. Spike TV just announced a five-year deal with the company to create animations for them. First on the docket: Charlie Sheen.

2) Chinese Breast Enhancer: These guys in China went for a guaranteed marketing success— sexy women. As far as I can tell, this product will take fat from your stomach and instead enhance your boobs. Wow, it’s guaranteed to be a huge success. Too bad you can’t understand any of the ad.

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