Uganda’s President Drops Huge Rap Hit

26 Feb

Just weeks after saying “Today these young people taught me about this ‘rap.’ I was not following what they were saying. Well, I can even give you some rap myself,” the president of Uganda’s words were transformed into a smash hit in the country’s nightclubs and radio stations. Here’s the finished product:

Immediately after making the comments about not understanding today’s musical trend, Yoweri Museveni chanted “Naatema akati” (I cut a stick) and “Mp’enkoni” (Give me the stick) before thousands at an election rally in Western Uganda. He also shouted “you want another rap?” which became the title for the song. Record producers added the hip-hop beats, and mixed in audio from rallies across the country.

Released along with heavily doctored photos of President Museveni, the track exploded and became a huge hit. Word is that Museveni may record a full album of “rap hits” (traditional chants, etc.) after the election. I, for one, can’t wait.

Yoweri Museveni



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