One Truly Exceptional CEO

26 Feb

Things are really different over in Japan. Well, at least at Japan Airlines. Company CEO Haruka Nishimatsu has taken some rather unusual steps in the wake of the recession, hoping to keep the world’s tenth largest airline profitable and operating.

He takes the bus to work, eliminated his office so that anyone can walk in, waits in line at the cafeteria to pay for his food in line, doesn’t have any private transportation, and slashed his salary three years running to the equivalent of $90,000. Why the brash moves? He wants to show everyone at the company that everyone must bear the weight of the recession. Since many people of his age were forced into early retirement during a wave of job cuts at the company, he thought it was only fair that his salary would decrease as well.

His is a rare example of leadership in today’s world. More CEOs should look to Mr. Nishimatsu for models to follow.

Mr. Nishimatsu


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