Red Cross Employee Gloria Huang Sends Out Hilarious Tweet

18 Feb

This past Tuesday, Red Cross Social Media Expert Gloria Huang learned of some important news. She had to share it with her followers on Twitter. The problem? She accidentally sent the tweet from the official Red Cross Twitter account (anyone who uses HootSuite can relate to her error). Here’s what she sent:

Gloria Huang's Tweet

The company took the error in stride, and responded shortly afterward.

Because this is the internet, the story has a happy ending. Huang was not fired for her tweet, but the Red Cross actually received an increase in donations. The brewery in question, Dogfish Head, blogged about the incident and the the craft beer industry responded with donations to the Red Cross as well.  Bars began offering people free pints of Dogfish Head beer if they could prove they had donated to the Red Cross.

Go social media go!

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